Underdogs is a cultural platform based in Lisbon, Portugal that aims at creating space within the contemporary art scene for artists connected with the new languages of urban-inspired graphic and visual culture, fostering the establishment of partnerships and collaborative efforts between creators, cultural agents, exhibition venues and the city, contributing to establish a close relationship between these and the public. Created in 2010 and consolidated in its present form since 2013, the Underdogs project rests on three complementary areas: an art gallery; a public art programme; and the production of original and affordable artist editions.


The Underdogs Gallery is an innovative exhibition venue where we work closely with some of the leading urban-inspired contemporary artists from around the world. Hosting several solo and group shows throughout the year, its mission is to provide opportunities for Portuguese and foreign artists, both established and upcoming talents, to develop work in proximity with the city of Lisbon, as well as promote their work to the public at large, specialised critics and collectors. This unique space with 388 sq. metres is also a place to meet and interact, turning into a location where artists and public can come together and socialize during openings without barriers or distinctions. 



What has become commonly known as urban art we prefer to designate as new public art, because by promoting the development of art interventions in the urban context we believe to be essentially providing a public service. With the objective of establishing a privileged relationship between the artists we work with – many of whom started out in the very urban space –, the city of Lisbon and its inhabitants, the Underdogs Public Art Programme has been able, since 2013, to transform decisively the landscape of this city we live in and love so much for the benefit of all, helping to turn art into an everyday experience.


A service of guided tours by minibus taking in the various art interventions created in Lisbon within the scope of the Underdogs' Public Art Programme by those who are in the know regarding the urban art scene. An intimate tour around the city presenting the mural interventions, techniques and the stories behind them.



Underdogs Art Store is the perfect combination between an art hub and an artist residency. In this space of interaction the public can get acquainted with the three areas our project operates in, the work of our artists, and Lisbon's urban art scene. The coffee-shop on the ground floor is the perfect setting for you to socialise, meet our team, or even the guest artist who is working at the artist residency space upstairs. Here we organise workshops on art techniques, talks, and lectures. Here you will also have access to our artist editions, original artworks, and a range of other Underdogs products. It is also the point of departure and arrival for our guided tours to the artistic productions that are changing the landscape of Lisbon.