Across the Periphery


Edition of /30 + 5 AP
Four-layer screen print on paper
Signed and numbered by the artist
Fabriano 200 g/m2 paper
60 × 50 cm

SIGNED € 130.00


only 6 left

A native of Córdoba, Argentina, artist Elian Chali (1988) began painting graffiti at age 15 and eventually transitioned from letter-based works to a more abstract visual language. Rooted in abstraction and geometry, his works are characterised by the close dialogue they engender with the environment they are created, from architecture to climate and the current socio-cultural situation. Resorting regularly to primary colours and geometric elements, Elian works mainly with the city and in the city, but has also explored various other media and subjects. He recently began playing with perspective and anamorphic large-scale compositions. Besides working in public spaces, his work has been exhibited in both solo and group shows in many countries around the world.