Kadu Doy aka Sosek (b. 1983) is a self-taught artist from São Paulo, where he lives. His training is based on over 20 years of interaction with street culture, mainly graffiti. Influenced by outlaw calligraphy and the intrinsic flow of the act of writing, his work also reveals substantial influence by Japanese art, in particular its calligraphic component, Shodo, and ink wash painting, or Sumi-e. In his drawings and paintings, the artist applies black paint over a white surface, creating a contrast which he believes is where conscience is revealed, a metaphor for life itself. His characteristic themes are rooted in daily scenes of the big city, depicting the life of those who live in the streets. During his creative process, the artist includes the practice of self-observation, using the captured images as a “mirror”, where he examines the misery of his own human and psychological condition, in his relationship with the material and immaterial world, conceiving an exercise of restructuring by way of an internal action for the creation of his paintings. The artist’s central subject matter is how to become a human being, and his disquiet on the essence of things.