/ March 01, 2019

1 – 30 March 2019

The show reveals the artist's unique gaze through a body of work comprising photographic portraits printed in medium and large format.


In the Creole of Guinea-Bissau, where Abdel Queta Tavares comes from, “nha fala” means “my voice”. If the set of photographic portraits showcased here is a materialisation of his voice as an artist, it is also an expression of his struggle – a struggle for the discovery and the refinement of this voice of his, but also for recognition. A recognition which, beyond his own personal identity, extends equally to the voices of the colourful universe of people who the photographer has been gathering and portraying in the scope of a body of work entitled “The Aesthetic of Diversity.” People previously unknown to him who, in one way or another, caught his attention in the course of his daily life and with whom he established an interconnection. Due to their difference, their energy, their vitality, their colours. Of African origin, mostly (reflecting his own roots), but not only. The diversity which Abdel Queta Tavares' voice shares with us is a universe of interculturality, of harmony, of liveliness. A highlighting of the wealth patent in the variety of shapes and sizes of human beings.

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