Antonyo Marest // SOLO SHOW

/ September 15, 2018

Opening: 15 September 2018
Underdogs Art Store EVENT

Antonyo Marest lives in love with the Mediterranean and its colours. But, above all, water draws a lot of his attention, since it connects all countries. Antonyo is also passionate about architecture and Art Deco. His travelling spirit leads him to discover the world through buildings full of colour.


Last April, walking around Lisbon, he came upon the colourful neighbourhood of Olaias, close to the city centre. A neighbourhood with an architecture based on Art Deco but adapted to the modern era. He didn't hesitate to photograph each of the buildings, to write down all their colours, to look for patterns and architectural details.


One of the things that Marest loves the most is the summer. The sun and the colours, the light that is projected on the buildings, the shadows and the chromatic harmonies that characterise this time of year.


Blending Art Deco and a chromatic palette from the 80s, Never Ending Summer presents a set of original works with vibrant colours, full of strength, accompanied by architectural details taken from the neighbourhood of Olaias, each titled with the name of a beach in Portugal.


In this exhibition, the following details stand out in his works:

- The vases, which predominate in the works, that symbolise the transport of water and the union between countries.

- The columns, which represent the support and the pillars of architecture.

- The flamingos, which symbolise a greeting to the sun.

- The palm trees, which represent the resistance to all weather.

- Glass, which represents transparency.

- An open door, which symbolises opportunities to make new paths.


Never Ending Summer
An exhibition by Antonyo Marest


Opening: 15 September


Underdogs Art Store
Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa,
Armazém A, Nº 20, Cais do Sodré
Lisbon • Portugal


Tuesday to Sunday, 11am – 8pm
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