/ October 18, 2019

18 October – 16 November 2019
Underdogs Capsule EVENT

Carlos Guerreiro takes advantage of the small space of Underdogs Capsule to present a set of paintings in various formats that evoke a poetic and mordant reflection on the great human theatre – a cabaret inhabited by a multitude of small characters that express slogans and images that, in some way, relate human malaises: racism, unbridled capitalism, climate change…


According to the artist:


“Cabaret” has etymological roots in the Picard dialect, in words such as camberet or cambret, meaning little room. In this small space, some pieces have been gathered that whisper crumbs of the great human theatre.
In its soul, the cabaret is a tavern. Here we are all spectators and actors. We eat, we drink, we forget, we embrace the inebriated odour of the performance, colours and lights that blind us, we applaud.
The owners of the cabaret make us dream but they charge the price of nightmares.
We forget that the cabaret is also ours.
We should throw this party.


– Carlos Guerreiro

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