/ July 04, 2015

Olivier Kosta-Théfaine / Paulo Arraiano / Pedro Matos / Sandra Baía
04 Jully – 04 September 2015

To denature an object, a space, a concept is rarely seen in a positive light. As if changing the intrinsic nature of things was essentially frowned upon or poorly received. What about a denaturation of cities? How can we contemplate removing the very essence of the urban space?
While looking into the contrasts and contradictions of the urban space, Paulo Arraiano gives them new landscapes, prompting the essence of things, of bodies, by practically taking up a role of landscapist, as if he wished to return to the very beginnings of construction.


Pedro Matos and Oliver Kosta-Théfaine are witnesses and observers of the poetic moments and fragments present in this construction. By providing or restoring meaning to this space and its components, they are interested in removing them from their context, in denaturing their ephemeral character and revealing their beauty and poetics.


A poetics that can also be found in Sandra Baía's work, by introducing into the urban space the notion of human being. By denaturing existence itself she removes its physical characteristic, stripping away the very image we have of ourselves. Through their exploration of the urban space and those who inhabit it, these four artists are playing with it, denaturing it and rendering it with a poetics and sensibility which it deserves.



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