Felipe Pantone // Solo Show

/ March 10, 2017


10 March – 22 April 2017


In his debut at Underdogs Gallery, Felipe Pantone will be presenting a reflection on the nature of the work of art and communication in this age of excessive information.


According to the artist:

“The difference between a work of art and a utilitarian object is that artworks speak, they have a voice. A shoe remains a good shoe, so long as it fulfils its intended functionality, but it does not speak to us. When the shoe begins to hurt, it begins to speak, but its utilitarian qualities will come to an end. Elena Oliveras points out that the expression «This work does not speak to me» may seem trivial to the naked eye, but it's actually full of meaning. Good works of art have a voice, although it requires a prepared spectator willing to seek, order and assimilate the information they’re given; it is precisely at this moment when artistic enjoyment happens. The work of art should not become a mere object of observation but one of interaction.


The emergence of the internet has completely altered the way we educate ourselves. In today's society, we do not need a leader who inserts knowledge through a probe, but educators who teach us how to seek out information and stimulate our creative thinking.


Siri speaks to us. So do trivial publications on Facebook, television, and advertising campaigns. Excessive information is only harmful when the subject operates exclusively as a receiver. It requires the observer to be active, to question things around them and to be able to discern what is valuable from what is inconsequential in an overloaded sea of information.”

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