FUZI // solo exhibition

/ June 21, 2019

Opening: 21 June 2019
Underdogs Capsule EVENT

In IGNORANTISM, FUZI returns to the spontaneity of graffiti, recalling the marks carved into prison walls, scribbled on bathroom stalls, or scratched onto train windows. His self-proclaimed “Ignorant Style” extols freedom beyond the confines of society's laws and rules. Like outsider art, his work is instinctive in its execution.

For this exhibition, FUZI presents two sides of his work. One side is rendered on vinyl material pulled from the same train seats he used to tag in the suburbs of Paris in the mid-1990s. These pieces are populated by violent characters and apocalyptic scenes, and represent the artist's version of the urban jungle. His other works are done on paper and show a more playful side: The jumble of faces and characters, each one unique, connect to each other to form a dense crowd and an intense scene. Together, both sides of the exhibition, while wildly different, trace his evolution as an artist, connecting his formative years with his present-day process, and presenting a thought-provoking oeuvre.

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