/ November 07, 2015


07 November – 23 December 2015

A new thought-provoking exhibition by Portuguese visual artist ±MaisMenos±.
O Princípio do Fim* is presented as a confronting reflection, a territorial composition that exposes to the viewer a contemporary world – libertarian, egalitarian, fraternal – in full upheaval. A vision which is not dystopian but real, an engaged critical analysis in face of the brutalisation of a supposedly democratic, humanitarian and affluent present viewed from a near future. An enactment that confronts us rationally and emotionally with the asymmetries, abuses and hypocrisies manifest in prosperous contemporary societies.
*(The title contains a play on the Portuguese word “princípio” that can mean both “beginning” and “principle” in English. It can thus be interpreted as both The Beginning of the End and the End Principle.)
Music written & performed by Heitor Alvelos
From the album “Faith” [Touch, 2015]
Published by Touch Music

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