/ September 13, 2013


13 September – 12 October 2013

Everything for sale. People for sale. The soul and common sense for sale. Sale for sale. Ideas for sale. You for sale. Money for sale. Everything for sale. More money for sale. Time for sale. Your entire life for sale. The world and the rest of the world for sale. Nothing for sale.


Portuguese street artist Miguel Januário, with his intervention art project±MAISMENOS±, once again points his finger at the savage nature of unbridled capitalism. The SELL OUT solo show continues the artistic satire on the political and economic monster, following his “Burial of Portugal” intervention in the city of Guimarães, and the various subversions of the homeland. The artist now opens up his stock exchange in a solo show, inspired by unrestricted selling and emotionally financed by the state of the nation.


The Underdogs Gallery is the stage for the entire theatre of the corporate machine, reflected and criticised in the work of ±MAISMENOS±.

For sales enquiries please contact info@under-dogs.net