Marginal // Show

/ November 25, 2016

Francisco Vidal & Pedro Batista

25 November – 23 December 2016


Aiming to present itself as a first step in the staging of a contextual dialogue between the oeuvres of Francisco Vidal and Pedro Batista, “Marginal” is a journey of reflection to the context in which both grew up during the 1990s – the Carcavelos-Oeiras axis (Cascais Line) –, and its influence on the development of their respective artistic practices. A reflection that speaks of a generation that grew up immersed in the spirit of DIY and resourcefulness that characterised the emergence and development of the skateboarding, surfing, hard-core punk, graffiti, and hip-hop scenes, of the whole street culture and the fringe and underground movements rooted in the rebelliousness, creativity and existential energy characteristic of youth. Both this territorial dimension, and the cultural dimension associated with it, are emphasised by the title – a choice that highlights the idea of this axis being located “on the margin” of Lisbon, while also establishing a symbolic association with the mythic Marginal Road that connects these localities between themselves and the rest of the country. It is precisely in the raw energy and dynamic force that guided the emergence of this thriving cauldron of ideas and practices where we find the backdrop which, in a subtle yet pivotal way, contextualises the work of each of these two artists.

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