Wasted Rita // Solo Show

/ October 20, 2017


20 October – 18 November 2017


Constituting yet another instalment of the life-based narrative that Wasted Rita has been sharing with us in recent years, “As Happy As Sad Can Be” is about facing and embracing sadness in a fun way; about playing with fake happiness while being fundamentally sad. According to the artist, the metaphor that best illustrates this idea is the image of a dog happily wallowing in a pool of mud – where the artist is the dog, the mud is her negativity and the act of wallowing is her art.


The exhibition comprises a collection of assorted installations, each of which materialises a personal space that explores a subject relevant to the artist – be it the energising taste of summer or the misanthropic sophistication of the Internet, the material trappings of a dreamy languor and guilty pleasures, or the strengths and shortcomings of the female condition in a world too often, and wrongfully, depicted as being the domain of man.

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