/ March 27, 2015


27 March – 09 May 2015

Human Beings – God's Only Mistake is an intimate journey to the personal universe of the artist who presents herself as an “emotional terrorist and agent provocateur.” Opening up the doors of her creative process, Wasted Rita exposes herself to the scrutiny of the world by sharing her observations and thoughts, revealing her compulsiveness in exploring, reflecting and collecting emotions, actions and ideas that make up a quotidian brimming with questions on life and the human condition.

Revealing this internal debate that accompanies her daily in her quest for answers, the artist questions and looks into an endless number of details: contemporary popular and erudite culture, theories and clichés on society, morality and immorality, the complexity of human behaviour and its predictable nature; in short, the highs and lows of life that provide the subject matter with which she composes this biting visual narrative that will help us understand, in an unequivocal yet poetic way, why each of us is also God's only mistake. 

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