WK INTERACT // Solo Show

/ March 02, 2018

2 – 31 March 2018


An avid collector of curiosities and unusual objects, WK Interact has been amassing a vast assortment of visually striking 20th century American press photographs over the years, a selection of which forms the basis for his first solo exhibition at Underdogs Gallery. From the sources to the final artworks, however, each piece has undergone several crucial transformations that reveal the artist's meticulous and original creative process.


On the face of it, “WK – Act and Process” seems like a collection of instant, motion-frozen narratives, each telling an individual story. On closer inspection, though, we see that through the artist's unique (re)interpretation these intense, quasi-cinematographic snippets of crime and drama come together to form a larger story on the nature of emotions, identity, and our shared human experience.

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