Alison the Lacemaker


€ 1.000,00

Artist's proof of /21 (each identified by a letter)
Four-colour screen print on paper (inc. metallic gold)
Hand-finished with spray paint
Signed by Swoon
68 × 50.5 cm

“When drawing a portrait, I often have an art historical reference somewhere in my mind. I have lots of portraits that quietly have their historical counterparts. It's usually not that I set out to make a reference, just that when I'm drawing, I find a similarity in spirit or composition and let it keep the portrait company while I'm drawing. Da Vinci's Lady with an Ermine, Whistler's Mother, paintings by James Ensor, Käthe Kollowitz and Gustav Klimt have also been some of my little painting allies. With this one, I decided to make a portrait of a friend of mine while she was sewing, and to let her be making a kind of lace, in honour of Vermeer's The Lacemaker.” – Swoon

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