Lonely Girl

Heather Benjamin

€ 30,00

Edition of /50 
Risograph print on paper 
Signed and numbered by Heather Benjamin
Cream-coloured Cover Stock 216 g/m2 paper
43 × 28 cm

“This print is made directly from a study for a painting which I have not yet made. The work was drawn exactly to scale, pencil on paper, and printed on a Risograph machine. I love the way pencil drawings translate to Riso, I feel they really capture the texture of the medium. I have always adored really dark, soft pencils for drawing – 6B is my favourite. They have a richness and depth in their tone and texture that I find so satisfying. I love seeing that translated to Riso, something about this printing technique I feel really does it justice. The pencils I use are so bold and soft that they smudge easily, which I also love, and the Riso picks these up too which I think is beautiful!” – Heather Benjamin

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