€ 40,00

Edition of /74
Risograph print on paper
Signed and numbered by ±MaisMenos±
Arcoprint Edizioni 130 g/m2 paper
41 × 29.7 cm

“O Povo” (The People) 
As a tribute to a unique 25 April and 1 May, lived beneath the shadow of a pandemic, “O Povo” (The People) is celebrated here with a Risograph edition of 74 copies.
“The People”: delicate flower, amorphous, sinuous, irregular, and almost always disorganised identity, hard to grasp yet easy to manipulate. A people who gave in to the pressures created in the defence of an invisible enemy, capable of being transmitted and of infiltrating each other. A people who, through fear, sustained the illusion of a possible change, imposed its enfeeblement, doing the dirty work of a system that only needs it to gain, without any emotion regarding its loss. Still in shock and fantasised by an optimism wrapped up in a rainbow, it served the opportunism of those who control.
Hypnotised, tracked down, and policed, it was ferociously and savagely monitored, self-flagellating. Now, its own prisoner, “The People” is no longer carnation, but it is free in the neoliberal assumption of the term: a group of petals blowing in the wind. -±MaisMenos±

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