€ 110,00

Edition of /30 + 5 AP
Block print on melted recycled plastic fixed on recycled cardboard
Entirely handmade by the artist, signed and numbered
30 × 43 cm

“The medium is the message – starting from this concept, I printed on recycled plastic, collected and melted into one unique rigid sheet. The plastic waste represents disposable values in our society while the printed design has different characters and symbols referring to the coronavirus pandemic (all characters are wearing a face mask) as well as anti-racism situations we have been living through recently (black man shedding a tear while fighting racism, represented by the sword and the snake) and the safety pin stands as a symbol of the DIY skate-punk culture where people opt to create and adapt things instead of buying new ones. This series of prints is titled SETTE, which means seven in Italian and represents a number of hope, something I am constantly looking for through my work.” – Fiumani


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