Silvia Elena


€ 225,00

Edition of /150
Inkjet print on paper
Signed and numbered by Swoon
Watercolour paper
21.5 × 28 cm

“Portrait of Silvia Elena” is a view into an artist’s process. What is seen is the original, hand-carved linoleum block from Swoon’s “Silvia Elena” portrait. The delicate photographic image closely captures the knife marks and drawing texture inherent to the original relief-print block, but often hidden in the printing process. This block was used to hand-print the “Silvia Elena” portraits, which would then become large site-specific installations in galleries, museums, and on the street, most recently in Juárez, Mexico. The piece addresses the ongoing issue of femicide – murders of thousands of young women, that have been happening in the border town, and throughout Mexico and Central America since 1993.

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