View page in French. Time will always be a concern or subject matter in art. In both solo shows presented by Underdogs at Urban Art Fair 2024, Tamara Alves and PichiAvo deal with that notion in their particular - and very remarkable - ways.

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In her paintings, Portuguese Tamara Alves (b. 1983) depicts the willingness to stop time in a fast-paced world, a duality she believes almost every human being faces today. While the portrayed constantly transforms, her portrait is a frozen image of the past—a statue, a monument, a glimpse of what will never be again.

The Spanish duo PichiAvo, which consists of Pichi (b. 1977) and Avo (b. 1985), blends the harmony of classical art and the rebelliousness of graffiti in sculptures, paintings, and drawings, resulting in their unmistakable aesthetic. They bring ancient Greece and its widely depicted figures in the history of art to the urban scene of the 21st century.

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