French artist Fuzi is held today as a living legend by the international illegal graffiti community. Yet, back in the mid-1990s, when he pioneered a form of graffiti that became known as Ignorant Style, he was grossly misunderstood, even ridiculed as being unable to paint. A member of the notorious UV / TPK graffiti crews, he was already one of the most prolific vandals operating on the Paris train lines when, inspired by the raw vibrancy of early-1970s New York graffiti (with something of the creative spontaneity of childhood and the anarchic freedom of art brut), he developed what was actually a deliberate and thoughtful approach to the art form that sought to play with its origins and roots. A pure vandalistic reaction to the standardisation of graffiti that elevated the beauty of ugliness and the seemingly artless, this Ignorant Style was to be repeatedly copied and become a new movement in its own right. In 2008, he took his original art to people's skins and has since become a renowned tattooist. He has been showcasing his work in events and exhibitions around the world, has published several books, founded the international lifestyle brand Ignorant People, and also collaborates with individuals and brands as an art director, consultant and illustrator.