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We're proud to announce and promote the upcoming FESTIVAL IMINENTE, a blend of contemporary urban music and art curated by Vhils and Underdogs. Three days of solid music and art, featuring the work and collabs between some of our favourite visual artists: ±MaisMenos±, Add Fuel, AkaCorleone, André da Loba, Bordallo II, Clemens Behr, David Oliveira, Mar, Maria Imaginário, Mário Belém, Okuda, Pedrita Studio, Pedro Matos, Vhils, and Wasted Rita.


Iminente also celebrates the vitality, variety and wealth of Portugal's finest contemporary urban music, from post-rock to hip hop, electronica, Afro-Portuguese house, pop, fado and soul, featuring: Paus, Linda Martini, Batida (DJ set), DJ Ride, BBG (Parkbeat), DJ Glue, Thunder & Co, Chullage, Halloween, Orelha Negra (DJ set), Keso, DJ Firmeza, DJ Marfox, Francis Dale, Ana Moura, Isaura, Dead Combo, Slow J, Sam the Kid & DJ Big (DJ set), and Kalaf.



Jardim Municipal de Oeiras | 23, 24, 25 September.


Full line-up and info at: www.festivaliminente.com