FESTIVAL IMINENTE - Rio de Janeiro 2019

Posted by Carlos Rijo on

Festival Iminente is going to Brazil!

On 7 and 8 June, Rio de Janeiro's Cidade das Artes will be hosting the music and art festival curated by Vhils and Underdogs. Two days to discover Portugal's hottest musical and artistic expressions and how they interact with Brazil's newest artistic creations.


The rendezvous is set with Majur and Hiran (BR); Allen Halloween (PT); Shaka Lion (BR) + Carlos do Complexo + DKVPZ (BR); and the DJs of Príncipe Discos: DJ Nigga Fox (PT) Marfox (PT).


In the visual arts, Iminente will be showcasing the works of Brazilian artist Finok alongside fellow Portuguese artists Add fuel and ±MaisMenos±, along with the screening of the documentary on Australian artist Anthony Lister: “Have You Seen the Listers?”.


Admission is free of charge.



7 June: Majur + Hiran / Shaka Lion + Carlos do Complexo / Nigga Fox


8 June: Stencil workshop with Add Fuel / “Have You Seen the Listers?” / Allen Halloween / Shaka Lion + DKVPZ / Marfox


Further info:

Instagram @festivaliminente