Festival Iminente Special Edition Tote Bag

Iminente × Bandim × 3Cs

€ 20,00

Patchwork with front pocket
Variety of fabrics
42 × 43 × 8 cm (variable)

Note: each Tote Bag is unique, made using different fabrics, colours and patterns. When bought online, your bag will be randomly selected and sent to you. If you would like to choose your bag, please visit the Underdogs store in Lisbon.

Iminente's special and limited-edition patchwork bags are the result of a partnership with the organizations Bandim and 3C's. Two projects that work towards the social and creative empowerment of women from various cultural backgrounds, in situations of social disadvantage such as unemployment, migration or single parent families. The fabrics used come from industry waste or collection leftovers – an action that seeks to raise awareness about environmental sustainability and promote the circular economy. 

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